Coupling-complexity Between Objects

Christopher L. Gray

Project Description

Coupling-Complexity Between Objects is a metric suite that predicts software quality. It consists of ten metrics that are based on Thomas McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity and Chidamber and Kemerer's Coupling Between Objects.

Part of a master's thesis done at California Polytechnic State University under the direction of Dr. David Janzen.

Download source

Currently in alpha stage.
Download CCBO version 0.1

CCBO 0.1


Eclipse with plug-in development
Java Development Kit 1.5+
Eclipse Java project that compiles with no errors


-Download source
-Unpack the tarball (tar -zxvf)
-Create an Eclipse plug-in project from source
-Select the CCBO source
-Alter the member to pass the name of the project to run the metrics on
-If necessary coupling.printer.* offers different ways to generate output, currently it writes to the location Eclipse was started from with the names of the files representing the project name concatenated with a specific metric name
-Launch an Eclipse plug-in IDE from source
-Click the button labelled with the Eclipse logo to start computing metrics


Feel free to send any questions to gray [dot] chris [at] gmail